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HSE Supervisor (#847.398.038) 

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To gain a challenging position in the Health Safety and Environment field within a proactive and leading organization. Professional HSE Instructor (Certified by Venezuelan Government Institution INCES and PDVSA SCHOOL/CEPET) with more than 25 years of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry in HSE related areas. HSE and H2S Instructor/Trainer, always proactive in order to support workforce and employer to achieve Health and Safety success. Incident Injury Free (I&IF) as well as Behavior Based Safety (BBS) Systems Specialist. My premise: “Behavior Based Safety is my vehicle; avoid human suffering at the job site, my goal”

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Lendy Araujo
57 Años

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Cualquier lugar en  Ecuador

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Educación secundaria  (Mechanical Engineer) de Universidad Central de Venezuela  with Mechanical Engineer Calificaciones / Año / Clase

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8 Meses
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REF.: Eng. LENDY ARAUJO-RUBIO HSE /H2S PROFESSIONAL HSE LEADERSHIP 1. Safety Leadership training held by Incumbent in his job experience: 1.1 H2S basic and advanced (Please see the attached CV where it shows Incumbent is a H2S Professional with national -Venezuela - and International -North Sea- experience) 1.2 PTW (Permit to Work System). In different occasions working for different Companies Incumbent has developed training sessions with different standards depending on the processes carry out by the Companies 1.3 Basic Firefighting (As HSE professional and performing different positions, Incumbent is fully capable to develop this kind of training and at different levels in theory and practice. The main standard used by Incumbent is NFPA from USA 1.4 SCBA (Self Containing Breathing Apparatus). Incumbent is a fully capable professional who have been involved in several occasions in Confined Space Entry procedures and has prepared this important HSE procedure so as to avoid any affectation especially to the personnel involved in this high risk operation. 1.5 JSA (Job Safety Analysis) Incumbent as a PROACTIVE professional Incumbent has developed complete training and procedures related to the analysis of Risks associated to different task involving different processes. 1.6 Chemical safety and handling of Compressed Gas Cylinders. In different processes, this is a high risk operation and the potential affectation could be fatal if the ignorance of the properties and high impact to the people´s health and safety could be also fatal. 1.7 HSE Awareness. As a HSE professional, Incumbent has more than 25 years of experience in HSE related areas. Modern Standards such as ISO 9000:2000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, OSHA, NFPA and many others are used so as to work and prepare the training material. STOP, Near-Miss reporting programs are a very efficient tools used also so as to achieve company goals and objectives (People´s Health and Safety, Surrounded Environment where Companies develops its operations, Company and/or Contractors assets and the Reputation of both are the Key elements to be protected by Management) and HSE basics focuses on these important issues. 1.8 HSE related to drilling operations. In drilling ops. different risks are associated and they must be understood by all personnel involved in such operations. A complete Training material is prepared by Incumbent and updated so as to be used for the different training sessions. 2. Objectives and results of safety leadership training delivered to previous campaigns 2.1 To provide TRAINEES with a basic understanding of the proper methods of identifying, RISKS associated with the different processes develops by OPERATORS BY using a PROACTIVE SYSTEM IN THE DIFFERENT TRAINING MATERIAL (TRAINING MATRIX): EVERY TRAINING MATRIX TO BE USED IN ANY TRAINING CAMPAIGN MUST OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING FACTS AS A MAIN OBJECTIVE: “Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), guides its steps and dedicates all the efforts to facilitate the workers the means, information and necessary knowledge that allow them to BE SUCCESSFUL in the prevention of incidents and accidents and occupational illness in the labor environment. It is supported in principles, policies, laws, criteria, rules and regulations and fundamental procedures to eliminate and to control the factors of risks which are able to originate damages to People, to the Property, the Environment and Reputation.” RESULTS: RESULTS ARE OBSERVED AND MEASURED BY THE HSE –MS AND ALL THE TOOLS INVOLVED IN SUCH SYSTEM. 3. Proposed OBJECTIVES: Proposed objectives are, and must be, related with the MAIN OBJECTIVE MENTIONED ABOVE IN PARAGRAPH 2.1. Prepared a complete Training Matrix associated to the RISKS INVOLVED IN DRILLING OPERATIONS: Training material as follows 3.1 H2S AWARENESS 3.2 FIREFIGHTING 3.3 HSE AWARENESS 3.4 PTW 3.5 JSA 3.6 CHEMICAL SAFETY 3.7 BEHAVIOR SAFETY SYSTEM 3.8 PROCESS SAFETY 3.9 ACCIDENTS/INCIDENT INESTIGATION AND ANALYSIS 3.10 COMPRESSED GAS CYLINDER 3.11 SCBA 3.12 OTHERS MAIN OBJECTIVE TO BE IN PLACE: High Production Index with a positive Quality development, carried out in a certain and efficient way by the Integral Safety, creating Integral Safety Corporate Programs which are the “Key” to gain the positive advance and achieve the following goal: AVOID UNDESIRED EVENTS, ´PROTECTING PERSONNEL HEALTH AND SAFETY, keeping their figures (statistics) – mainly Frequency and Severity- within the desires parameters (Goals) also keeping in mind the Reputation of the Companies which is as important as the Production Process. 4. Any HSE Trainer/Instructor MUST be fully involved in the different Processes a Company performs. Every process has RISKS associated and HSE becomes the way to protect the 4 factors already mentioned above. The HSE Instructor together with the HSE Professionals assigned as well as Management and Ops (Mainly Supervisors) are KEY factors in achieve Company GOALS and OBJECTIVES. HSE Cases are also important tools that must be in place in any process because of the LESSONS LEARNED. AFTER THE OCCURRENCE OF AND ACCIDENT/INCIDENT: “THE ONLY GOOD THING AFTER THE OCCURRENCE OF AN ACCIDENT/INCIDENT IS TO LEARN OF IT AND APPLY THE RECOMMENDATIONS SO AS TO AVOID THIS UNDESIRED EVENT FROM HAPPEN AGAIN” - NEAR MISS REPORTING AS WELL AS STOP PROGRAM ARE PROACTIVE TOOLS THAT HELP AND SUPPORT ANY HSE –MS, so the involvement of the HSE Instructor is another way to gain or achieve Company GIOALS and OBJECTIVES. - A proactive effort aspires to replace incident occurrence with hazard identification, once the hazard is known it can be eliminated or minimized before an accident takes place. For this reason a proactive approach to HSE Management is more desirable because it seeks to limit human suffering and damage to equipment as well as environment without experiencing accidents. Incumbent is a Certified PDVSA/Venezuela School HSE Supervisor & Instructor. PDVSA is one of the most important Oil & Gas industries at national and international level with high qualified Professionals who are assigned in local operations but also at international level. Also with an important training experience at the Danish Sector of the North Sea (Gurm Field). Incumbent has been assigned as HSE Professional in his country as well as overseas as HSE and H2S Instructor. Rules and regulations and standards such as ISO 14001, ISO 9000 (standards), OHSAS (standards), IADC, PDVSA, OHSAS 18001, OSHA and others where all these theoretical/practice info are related and compatible with the necessary international standards are also tools used by the incumbent. Regarding the Instructor skills, Incumbent is an A1 assessor; He has demonstrated it in the past he is a very organized HSE Instructor and able to perform such task. He can also prepare different HSE training matrix .Finally it is important to highlight that one of his strengths is the PROACTIVE MANNER TO APPROACH SYSTEMS AND PROCESSES, ORGANIZATION, PLANNING, RESPECT AND LOYALTY AS WELL AS MODERN PREPARATION IN HSE RELATED AREAS AND THE INSTRUCTION ABILITY TO TEACH WORK FORCE (PEOPLE) TO PERFORM THEIR TASKS ACCORDING TO THE HIGHEST HSE INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS SO AS TO ACHIEVE COMPANY AND PEOPLE´S GOALS Thank you very much. Lendy G. Araujo Rubio HSE/H2S Training Specialist/Professional Mobile N.+58 412 664 1152 /.+58 414 667 1226 "Our vehicle: BBS (Behavior Based Safety) Our goal: Avoid Human Suffering @-the-job-site”

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